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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live Earth: Against Climate Change with smart Cars Rocks!

I know some of you have attended awesome concerts with your favorite artists performing on stage. But have you ever been to a fund raising concert which lasted for about twenty-four hours straight with hundreds of your favorite celebrities and artists? I don’t think so! And so am I! Actually, this kind of event just happened three days ago. And if I could turn back the time, I would exchange my Ford Bronco parts and my Ford bumpers just to have enough cash to buy myself a ticket to Stuttgart, Germany.

I’m talking about the greatest and biggest event took place last July 7, 2007 at Stuttgart, Germany! The countdown for the world’s most historical and biggest fund raising occurrence in pop and rock music is over and everybody’s ready to party in all of the eight concerts sponsored by smart!

The Live Earth concerts against global warming started with life music performances from Bon Jovi, The Police, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Madonna, Genesis and hundreds of top international acts to rally against such a sizzling topic broadcasted for a period of twenty-four hours straight across eight cities and on all seven continents around the globe! Definitely the event that rocked the world! How I wish I was there too. Together with smart, the only manufacturer to support the cause is the SOS, “Save Our Selves”, initiative started by Kevin Wall and Al Gore which is the official associate of the world-rocking concerts. A range of activities were accompanied by smart as a part of climate protection project. For the eight concerts, smart provided service shuttles.

“We care” – this is the motto the automobile manufacturer is using in its support for the climate protection initiative. “In environmental protection what matters most is what people do as individuals. It's about making conscious decisions and asking questions about specific matters. Initiating this movement is the fundamental idea of the smart brand. smart came about because we asked ourselves what the car of the future should look like – how much space it can take up in our cities and how fast it should be able to drive, what kind of stress can it place on the environment. For this reason it is simply consistent that we are committing ourselves to an event such as Live Earth,” said Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of DaimlerChrysler AG and the head of the Mercedes Car Group.

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